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Our mission is to offer event organizers a free alternative to the conventional methods of online ticketing and event registration offered by other ticketing services . We strive to maintain a ticketing system that is easy to use and free to the event organizers while continuing to offer a broad range of ticketing, accounting and reporting features. We offer the highest level of ticketing service while maintaining a fee structure that charges less to the event patron than our competitors.

We provide online ticketing and event registration software for any event. It's easy to subscribe as an event organizer, simply click here . Take advantage of what In Ticketing has to offer...

  • Automated online ticket sales available 24/7
  • Absolutely Free services for event organizers
  • Lower fees than other online retailers
  • Manage multiple events from one easy to use account
  • Scalable site design allows for small and large events
  • Certified 128-bit Internet security protects you and your fan's privacy
  • View real-time transaction histories for your events
  • Add your VIP and Complementary guests to the will call list online
  • Email fans with new event information or thank you notes following each event
  • Multiple Day Event and Festival Ticketing Options
  • Begin selling tickets immediately! Click here to sign up as an event organizer!

"Is it really that simple?"
YES. Schedule a demo and see for yourself.


What are the fees to sell or buy tickets?
It is free to sell your tickets at and the patron pays a small convenience charge based on the ticket price. You can even set your own fee with a privately-branded site .

How are transactions managed and reported?
Transactions are securely managed through the In Ticketing system, a scalable and market-proven ticketing system. All data is available in real-time via password protected administrative web pages. Custom reports can be generated and account data is available from any web based device. You have access to all customer data and can export all of the information we collect on your behalf.

How are the funds from ticket sales credited to our banking institution?
Funds are released via direct deposit to your bank account or by check after each event. Alternatively you can have the ticket sales money deposited in your bank account as sales happen by using your own merchant account or Paypal account to accept payments. If you would like to use your own merchant account or need to get your money before the event, our sales reps are standing by to provide you the details. To discuss further, call before you sign up at 415-256-8498.

Are purchasers notified online that their order is received and verified?
Yes, customers' credit cards are instantly authorized and the customer is given a confirmation number on screen. In addition, an email confirmation is automatically sent to the patron.

How are we notified?
You may opt to receive copies of the emails sent to customers if you go with the privately-branded site; however, the primary way for monitoring your sales is to log into your password protected account through or your custom branded site. Here you can see order totals, summaries by day, detailed customer information and print your will call list. In addition, you can manage your VIP/comp list on line.

How long does it take to set this service up?
15 minutes

How long do we need to commit to using the service?
There is no minimum term length with

Is our database owned by our organization?
The physical database resides on the In Ticketing server and you have access to all data through your online tools and we only use customer information to process transactions and do customer support. You may use the customer information as you see fit and in accordance with our privacy policy.

How do we protect our database?
Access to your event information is protected by an encrypted password/user name combination that only you have access to along with our customer support team. While you are browsing this information online, we use 128-bit encryption to protect other web users from viewing your sensitive account data.

For more information contact an account executive at (415) 256-8498 or .