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Real-time reporting
Custom reports help make sense of your ticketing data
Ever wonder who actually comes to your events? What time are most tickets sold? Do people buy tickets in groups or individually? How far are people coming to attend your shows?

With a series of proprietary custom reports, navigating the data gathered about your event attendees during ticket sales becomes a cinch! Our reports help you quantify information into useful conclusions to help you better serve the people who matter most: your patrons. et real-time access to all of your customer information and easy access to email lists for exports to outside marketing programs. You can even customize the checkout pages to include your own survey questions that can be exported into popular formats like Excel.

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Easy to download, easy to understand...
  • Download reports with the click of a button
  • Formats are easy to read and understand
  • Reports available in various formats for import into your system (ex. Excel, Access, text file)
  • Area Specific Reports for Marketing, Accounting, Box Office, Customer Service and more
  • Customizable fields to fit your specific reporting needs
  • Frequent updates to existing reports
  • Constantly generating new reports
  • Industry targeted reporting: i.e. venue, film festival, music festivals
  • Customizable views so that you can see the data that matters most to you