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Social networking
Put social networking to work for you
Social networking is the basis for how we use the Internet today and affords event organizers free and low-cost ways to market events and sell more tickets when used intelligently. In Ticketing does just this by integrating tools to allow promoters and tickets buyers to quickly and easily distribute event listings to their friends, families and coworkers using any of the popular social networking and viral marketing engines available on the web.

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Social networking

The #1 marketing resource for your events is your ticket buyers. We give your patrons
easy and convenient tools to market your events to their networks of friends, family and associates.

Why social networking works:
Just about everyone today shares their adventures with their friends and family online. Whether it's their plans for Saturday night or photos from a recent festival, every new post sparks excitement with the people in their networks.

  • Translate 'buzz' into sales!
  • Friends' recommendations are more trusted than traditional paid advertisements
  • People are more likely to buy tickets in advance if they know their friends have bought them already
  • Friend to friend messaging happens in real time where traditional outlets take time to schedule
  • Social networking is integrated to mobile devices and emerging technologies
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Social networking